Our First Home Reno


Soooo we've been a little busy! I posted a lot about our move out of our apartment... it was wayyy harder to packup and leave than we ever expected! I shared a lot of my feelings on my Instagram and shared some photos here and here. We LOVE where we live - it's a 7 minute drive to work which is a major priority for me as a working mom. When Ty and I felt our time in apartment life was ending - we began to pray for a rental house that we didn't have to break the bank for! We've also grown as a family - no, not another baby! - Tyler's brother was living with us for about 1 year and now we just sent him off and gained another sibling to stay with us! Our heart is to have enough space for family and friends to have a place if/when they're figuring out life! All of that to say, we knew finding a rental for all of us to live in comfortably while continue to save for our own home, would be a huge challenge. >> Enter PawPaw's House.

Living room AFTER renovations

Living room AFTER renovations

PawPaw was a wonderful man whom I never met. Tyler had the privilege of shooting a few video shoots on his property and stepped foot inside his home once or twice. When we heard Pawpaw's House would be sitting empty until it's newly inherited owners built on the property it sits on, we got an idea! So we asked, "what if we lived in Pawpaw's house?!" We asked not knowing that their had been lots of critters inside and out, but we DID know that this house also had a lot of love inside and out for decades. The people who own this property and who have the most memories here are people who we love and admire with all of our hearts. They were kind enough to say YES - and released us to fix up the house since they plan to tear it down and build someday.

FACT: The Kitchen floor update cost $60! We bought individual vinyl tiles from Amazon. I would NOT recommend these tiles as a permanent solution for anyone, lol. BUT they are perfect for a cost effective and temporary upgrade while being super easy to use! These tiles seriously.changed.everything. :)

Tyler grew up pulling up carpet and laying tile with his dad and brothers! We were lucky enough to have Ty's dad and brothers help out with the kitchen remodel. #lifesavers

Kitchen Deets: We....Updated floors, Replaced counter top, Removed upper cabinets, Replaced sink, Updated light fixture, Installed backsplash, Installed open shelves, Replaced lower cabinet hardware, Painted walls, ceiling, and lower cabinets bleach white.


FACT: Those are the original hardwood floors! We ripped up carpet and sanded down (with the help of friends, thank goodness) these beautiful floors and restored them in a simple way - a few coats of Polyurethane!

Majority of the rooms had hardwood floors under carpet - we were told that Pawpaw's wife would wax them every single Sunday. They were in AMAZING condition after being under carpet for 20+ years.

Have I mentioned how much we love projects?!?!

Playroom and Living Room Before & After:

We are beyond grateful for Pawpaw's house. Tyler and I fell in love in a season of DIY projects paired with date nights at Home Depot and Ikea. This project could not have come at a better time. The perfect distraction! Working on this house was a breath of fresh air and served as a reset on many of our perspectives. It's funny how much we thought we "needed" to feel comfortable. We received the keys to the house the day after the Estate Sale happened - and for a week we worked (with a lot of help!) to make Pawpaw's house feel a little bit like ours. We will leave this little house and all of the memories we make here knowing it is just a dash of sprinkles on top of what this home has already lived. When I'm afraid of the critters in the garage or frustrated by my never ending clothes lines and dishes to wash by hand - I'm thankful. Pawpaw's House has healed so much of my soul while changing my desires and expectations of what my little family needs.