B's 2nd Annual Fiesta


Bravery turned TWO this month and we celebrated on Cinco de Mayo (again) because her birthday is so close to that holiday and we loved the theme so much last year we wanted to do it again! Oh and yes, it was much easier to do another Fiesta when you saved most of the decorations :) I told Tyler I was" investing in the fiesta theme" last year so I had to stick to my word on that. Ha! Not going to lie.... her 2nd birthday kind of snuck up on us! We were in between houses and going through a lot of change followed by RENOVATING a new house leading up to her big day. Luckily, my friends and family were CLUTCH in helping me throw this fiesta together to celebrate our girl! We hosted the fiesta at Bicentennial Park in Southlake, TX and it was a game changer! Really, I don't know if I'll ever stray away from doing an outside birthday party - set up and clean up were SO much easier than last year and the kids had plenty to do!

^ Before heading to her party B was surprised with a toddler sized trampoline and pool!


It truly takes a village with this little person. Tyler and I were so busy with so many different things over the last month, we were so lucky to have our family contribute like CRAZY. All desserts were made by my sister Katy. My mom, Tyler's mom, and friends all helped with the food! We opted to do tamales this year to make the park set up easier - it was SO much easier! Sometimes, when life gets crazy you just need to simplify ya know? :)




It's hard to believe she wasn't even walking at her last birthday party - this year she was running up to every single friend greeting them and talking with them all night! Turning two was SO different. She knew her friends names and was excited to open presents! She sang along to "Happy Birthday to you" and blew out her own candle! The difference a year makes is so amazing. She is developing into the cutest little girl I've ever met! She has so much joy and kindness in her heart, it's evident with every interaction with adults, peers, and little babies that she loves so much!


Well, we made it. Two years of being parents. Two years of knowing Bravery. She is the joy of our life and I am so blessed to be her mama! I never thought I would be a mom at this point in my life - but what an honor it is to be Bravery's mom. She has proven every lie I believed about myself wrong. She has brought healing to so much of mine and Tyler's lives. Actually she invaded Earth at just the right time because she has brought this joyful healing to our whole family the last two years. Happy Birthday to our Brave Girl - I am so happy she was born and that we celebrated her!

I found out she existed in a hospital bed where I was fighting to feel whole. I looked at Tyler who had just become a husband and thought, "Oh no. He's going to be so disappointed. I'm just a girl learning to be a wife." That was hard. That was bad, for me, for my body, for my brain. That was bad. I spiraled into a guilt soaked fog, conflicted with this feeling because babies are blessings. I was in pain from surgeries, I was afraid for my future, I was confused, and I was selfish. But then you came. Bravery lifted the fog. Bravery showed me who she was, and showed me who I could become. The wholeness I was searching for through surgeries and doctors and counselors came when she arrived.

BRAVERY is my good thing after the bad.

She is the rainbow after the flood.

She is the truth after the lies. She is the joy after the sorrow.

She is Bravery, and I am blessed to be her mom.